You are now able to get hold of my illustrations and have them as your very own. I'm selling cards and prints from Etsy so please have a look-see for yourself here: Etsy Shop

I've popped the items for sale below so you can also see them here, and if you so wish click each and it'll take you to the specific Etsy page.


Owl's Christmas: Illustrated Card

Christmas at Bears: Illustrated Card

Girl with reindeer & Friends: 3 Pack

Fox Pirate and His Crew Print

Picnic Under the Tree Print

Decorating the Tree Print

Tiger Love Print

More Tea Please Eloise Print

Ever-So-Friendly Otter Print

"Fancy Meeting You-Hoo Here" Print

Sea Celebration Print

Bear Just Loves Gardening Print

T Rexs Make the Best Friends Print

Moose and Me Print

Gorilla Family and Me Print

Tree of Life Print

Bear Wedding Personalised Print

howling Wolves Personalised Print

Marriage of Hearts Personalised Print