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Private Commissions

For other commissions please see IllustrationX

Even before becoming a published children's book illustrator I used to create illustrations of my dear friends' children, to give them at a special occasion, as a beautiful and unique present, and now I've opened up my business so that everyone can have one.


Flick through above and have a look at some of the bespoke commissions I've previously created and if you'd like one drop me a line at or scroll down and fill in the contact form below. The prices are below but if you had an idea for a simpler illustration don't hesitant to get in touch and I'm sure we can come up with a mutually agreeable price.


A4 signed illustration
+ electronic file


A3 signed illustration
+ electronic file


A4 illustration on electronic file
(no print)


A3 illustration on electronic file
(no print)


How it Works
Step 1: Info from you

Let me know what idea you have for the illustration. Who it's for, what they like and any other ideas you have and want to include in the illustration. The more personal it is to them the better.

In this example I was given a photo of Ronnie and his 2 furry sidekicks (a fox and a koala) to be included in the picture.

Step 2: initial sketch

Once we've sorted out what it is you're after and I've received any photos that I may need for likeness, I'll get started and work on a rough sketch for you. As soon as that's finished I'll send it to you for your approval.

Here is my rough for Ronnie. He'd had a heart operation and they wanted his scar to be visible. Additionally the shape the trees make is a heart. His family also came from the UK and Australia so they wanted the 2 nations to feature and hence the 2 sides of the illustration showing the respective native wildlife

Step 3: initial Payment and Final Illustration

If you are happy with the sketch I'll ask you to pay half the total fee before I continue further. Then once I have received payment I can go ahead and work on the final illustration. I'll send a low res copy of the illustration for your approval before asking for final payment.

I start the final illustration from scratch using the rough as a guide but it will be much more polished looking and some colours may change slightly.

Step 4: Final Payment and Receiving Print

As soon as I've received final payment I'll get the illustration printed, signed and sent (if required) and email you a high resolution copy of the illustration. If you so wish you could print it out again and onto other things of your choosing.


Bespoke Illustration Request

Enter information below and Alexandra will get back to you to as soon as possible.

Thanks for submitting!

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